Wednesday, January 30, 2013

7 Months, 7 Things

I'll be stateside once again in 7 months (give or take a month)

7 Things I Can't Wait For...
  1. Dr. Pepper
  2. Printers and scanners
  3. Wifi
  4. Getting your own seat on all modes of transportation
  5. Wearing sweatshirts
  6. Wearing sneakers
  7. Deoderant

7 Things I Don't Want to Leave
  1. Super cheap hotels
  2. Elephants
  3. Cambodian Iced Coffee
  4. Detail manicure/pedicure for 50 cents
  5. Tuk tuk rides
  6. Reading and writing Khmer
  7. Cambodian Rice
Driving up the new road that goes to the top of Bokor Mountain

The plans of an enormous community and resort they are building at the top of the mountain

Decorating mounds of dirt at the pagoda for Khmer New Year

Training host sister

Training host brother

Lyny helping to decorate the mound of dirt

The ferry at Neak Loung, crossing the river to get to my site

The garment factory down the block from my house. Hundreds and hundreds of young women work there.

My site. The road to the left leads to Kampong Cham. The dirt rad to the right leads to my school 

A recycling truck

They pick up recycling and bring it to Vietnam. There is no recycling system in Cambodia

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  1. dude. FIVE MONTHS. also, i love these countdowns :)