Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Things That Happen On the Other Side

Things that happen while you serve in the Peace Corps
Note: I had to look up some of these things cause I had no idea.

  1. Something called Occupy Wall Street.
  2. Amy Winehouse died.
  3. Steve Jobs died.
  4. Older brother got a girlfriend
  5. Everyone puts a # sign in front of stuff they type. Why?
  6. Everyone made fun of Christina Aguilera
  7. People took pictures of themselves lying face down, all over the place. Why?
  8. Friends went to grad school
  9. Hurricane Irene
  10. An Earthquake on the east coast
  11. Summer Olympics
  12. Conservatives got really mad at Hilary Clinton.
  13. Friends got permanent jobs
  14. Whitney Houston died
  15. Dick Clark died
  16. Neil Armstrong died
  17. Friends, classmates, and ex boyfriends got engaged
  18. The world didn’t end.
  19. Julia Nunes made a new album
  20. Perks of Being a Wallflower became a movie
  21. Hurricane Sandy
  22. Little brother became man enough to grow a beard.
  23. Obama won a second term
  24. The hobbit became a movie
  25. The twilight saga finally ended
  26. 3 new nephews were born, and they grew into walking, talking toddlers
  27. Temple Run
  28. Everyone tried eating a spoonful of cinnamon without vomiting.
  29. Draw Something? What’s that?
  30. Boy bands became a thing again
  31. Older brother got engaged
  32. People cared about Kony for a week, but then heard the video was a scam so they stopped caring.
  33. The Hunger Games
  34. Pinterest. What is that?
  35. Friends finished grad school and collected their masters
  36. Hostess shut down.
  37. Instagram. Is that the same thing as pinterest?
  38. YOLO became a craze. By the time I figured out what it meant, it was over.
  39. Game of Thrones
  40. Friends stopped keeping in touch. Some never even tried to keep in touch.
  41. New Girl
  42. Hicksville became famous because of a fortune teller reality show
  43. Pottermore
  44. Couldn’t participate in the “first world problems” joke, because I’m in a third world country.

Sorta puts into perspective how long I’ve been away, doesn’t it?

These are things that happened while I’ve been overseas doing the Peace Corps. Notice though that I steered clear of using the words “missed out on.” Don’t you for a second think that I don’t have a list, even LONGER of stuff that happened here while you’ve been busy playing instagram and lying with your face on the ground.
Maybe you’re the one who has “missed out.”

These are photos of the World Map project I did with my students. They did a fantastic job. It's so detailed.

At this stage, we were drawing all the countries on the wall. This is Western Africa

Southeast Asia

The students at work

The first bit of color put on our drawn map


  1. First of all, I *just* learned what YOLO means about a week ago. Second of all I love the hashtag craze, even though I don't think I ever properly use it. #pop culture things I don't understand.

  2. love it, love it all. except for #40 (can i still # if i mean a number?!) which happened for me too. they for sure are the ones missing out. :)

  3. 22! I win. Seriously though, this is crazy. This really does put a lot into perspective.