Monday, February 18, 2013

(Less Than) 6 Months, 6 Things

Our COS (Close of Service) date has been pushed up, meaning I come home in less than 6 months.
Now I've gotta play catch-up with these simple blog posts, which at this point are just an easy thing to post so that I have an opportunity to put up some pictures.

6 Things I can't wait for
  1. Meeting new members of the family, including 3 nephews and a sister-in-law
  2. Finding out what the Harlem Shake is
  3. Radio
  4. Nice roads
  5. Musical Harmony
  6. My violin

6 Things I don't want to leave
  1. Half a can of soda in a bag with a straw
  2. Having visitors and being a tour guide
  3. Going to bed at 8:30PM
  4. Having time to read a few novels a month
  5. Yeys (grandmas) touching my butt
  6. My adorable 7th grade groupies
A nice group shot of last years' Honor Society kids

Pink sunset. The photo isn't even 10% as good as the real thing

palm trees at sunset

My house in the pink light

A completely different Cambodia! These pictures now are from a trip I made with my host family up north to Ratanakiri Province

My brother and sister

so different.

A crater lake

The lake. I went swimming in all my clothes. Worth it.I also did a lot of diving off of the dock, just because my host sister freaked out every time I did it.

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